Victoria resident backs Nanaimo Mayor's stance

Mayor Bill McKay

Letter to the Editor, Victoria Times Colonist

0714 - Finally, someone who stands up and says: “Stop the madness.” We need a Bill McKay here in Victoria.

Build it and they will come. If we taxpayers, as McKay states, provide housing and all the other things the “campers” demand, there will be thousands coming to this island. It’s just plain stupid.
We have laws that apply to all of us, except the campers. They are trespassing on Nanaimo city property. Why, if they are breaking a law, are they not removed by the authorities? Of course, moved to where is the issue. And when did the word “campers,” which used to have a bit of class to it, replace the word “homeless”?

Mayor McKay, thousands of us support your stance. It has to stop somewhere, but you know, of course, you are going to lose this one, as we continue this giant swing to the left, which will go on until every form of government is broke.

If you are counting on the B.C. Supreme Court for help, it does not get any more left than them. Then what?

Jim Laing

Will higher carbon tax reduce use of fossil fuels?

March 31 - The already-soaring price of fuel will go up tomorrow as a result of an increase in the provincial carbon tax. The provincial government claims carbon emissions will be reduced by increasing the carbon tax on April 1. The feeling of many British Columbians is that it is just more taxes without any reduction of carbon emissions. Carbon pricing may create a green paradox – policies meant to reduce emissions not only eliminate some people’s jobs, but increase global emissions. Do you believe the carbon tax increase will improve the quality of life for British Columbians?

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Joan Iormetti Tax! Tax! And more Tax! The carbon tax will not reduce emissions.
Denise Collins Goldsack Absolutely not.
John Les It will do nothing for quality of life, and it will have even less impact on the climate, which will continue changing, as it always has.
Ted Campbell This is pure unadulterated BS. There is no way in hell that giving money to a government has anything to do with the climate. I'm so old I still refer to is as "The Gordon Campbell Tax" Horgan is as big a jackass as GC was
Gordon F.D.Wilson there is no evidence that can provide a direct correlation between an increase in taxation on carbon emissions and a reduction in CO2. What is particularly problematic is the additional cost this tax increase is going to have on primary producers and those costs are going to be passed along the economic chain. All this spells a much more expensive BC which is probably why Judeline Tyabji came up with #affordablemyass
Chris Waters Nope!! Tax grab as usual!! Just like Etest!!
Larry Brandt If taxes could effect climate don’t you think extreme weather would have been fixed 60 years ago?

Jeff Sprague The carbon tax definitely sucks, right along with all the other gas taxes we pay in the Lower Mainland. But then again, driving sucks pretty awful too here with all the congestion and bad drivers. If you're able, and don't think you're too good to take a bus, save yourselves some stress and a whole lot of money by taking transit instead.