Charlene McKay running for school board

Charlene McKay

1. Student Focus. 

I am committed to putting students at the center of my decision making as a school trustee. By supporting the educational needs of our students, we increase their potential for success; thereby supporting all education personnel tasked with leading our students to graduation. 

2. Governance. 

a. Decision making based on collaboration: 1) I am dedicated to a collaborative and informed approach to decision making. This means listening with an open mind during all discussions and committee work, allowing for differing views to be heard and assessed for their merit and value, and making decisions that may encompass the values of all educational stakeholders to achieve the goals of our students. 

b. Accountability: 1) Good policies and procedures should be the cornerstone to the decision-making process for the Board of Education. When policies and procedures are up-to-date, clearly defined, and based on the organization’s values, the basis for making decisions becomes transparent and increases the accountability of elected officials. A review of current policies and procedures should be undertaken to better support decision making by the Board of Education. 

3. Respectful Representation. 

I will represent School District 68 in a respectful and unbiased manner. This commitment also extends to creating a positive working environment with other school trustees, all stakeholder groups, staff members, parents, and most importantly students. 

These are my commitments for the upcoming 4 years if elected to the Board of Education. 

Vested Interest and Experience 

I am a wife, and mother of 2 daughters, who has been involved as a volunteer in our school district for 6 years. I am self-employed as a medical transcriptionist. 

I am passionate about seeing all students succeed in our school district, and I am confident that I will provide representation that is student focused, be considerate of all points of view, and make thoughtful and well researched decisions that are good for the entirety of our school district. 

For the past 4 years, I have represented parents at the Board of Education and District management level in our school district on various committees and working groups. This representation included advocating at the Education and Business Committees on behalf of the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC). Other working groups I have been involved with include the Educational Technology Advisory Group, Safe Schools Committee (formerly, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee, and Multicultural Race Relations Committee), School Calendar Working Group as well as several school consolidation and construction committees. I have also been an active member of my children’s school PAC. My experience advocating for SD68 PACs at several BCCPAC Conferences regarding provincial 

resolutions on topics relating to equity and poverty will benefit me in serving the communities that encompass our school district. 

Representing parents and Parent Advisory Councils as the DPAC President, and Past President, has provided me with a vast amount of experience that have prepared me well if elected to the Board of Education. I have volunteered with some amazingly passionate parents to assist in the creation of a resource guide on how to deal with bullying in relation to the school system, assisted parents with advocacy for their students, provided training for PACs and their executive members, and most importantly represented the DPAC membership as a liaison with school district staff and the Board of Education on policy, procedure, and annual budgets. 

Building relationships with community members is a very important part of working as an elected official. I believe that when you have a good, positive working relationship with peers and colleagues you are better poised to work as a team while accomplishing your goals. I am committed to continuing the positive relationships I have built to date with current and past Board of Education members, school district staff, parents, and other education stakeholder groups; together we can continue to support students throughout their learning years in our schools. 

I am well-poised to participate in updating Board governance policies and providing input into administrative procedures for management after working on several policy reviews and updates in the past few years. 

I am committed to considering all students in every decision and discussion for the duration of my term. After several years of having a voice at public committees, I look forward to also having a vote in the decisions made for our students.