London Drugs Port Place adds full-time Apple tech

Apple certified technician Justin Tilber at London Drugs Port Place.

By Merv Unger
Nanaimonet Advertorial Feature

Technology – even the word can be intimidating. There’s e-mail, cell phones, camera phones, URLs, service providers, browsers 404 errors and a whole lot more to confuse ordinary people.

That’s where London Drugs enters the picture with the recent addition of Justin Tilber as the full-time Apple-certified technician at the Port Place Mall location. Store manager Warren Cook says he recognizes how much customers depend on this service.

“We went for a number of months without a technician but now I’m happy to inform everyone we are once again operating at full capacity,” says Cook. “Having a real human being in front of you to help makes it so much easier when faced with frustrating technical problems”, Cook adds.

Justin has really immersed himself into his new responsibilities. He’s not a newcomer to London Drugs, by any means, having started with the company in 2007 as a lab technician in the photo department. He dabbled in other departments but the photo lab always rose to the top. His interest in computers and technology since childhood proved invaluable as digital photography took over. Digital cameras and computers now work hand in hand.

“There is something magical about taking all the work of a photo shoot, editing it, and seeing it come off the screen and manifest as a large print,” he says.

 “I love learning and computer technology is an exciting and constantly changing field, so there is always something new to discover,” he says. “It's fantastic developing a deeper understanding of these machines that have become an ingrained part of modern life. Taking a device that was functioning poorly or not at all and getting it working smoothly is incredibly gratifying and it never gets old seeing the relief on someone's face when I've got their machine working again,” he adds.

Another invaluable asset is that with the constant changes in technology, Apple-certified technicians constantly upgrade their knowledge.

Justin stresses the importance of having a technician on site. When someone buys a computer from London Drugs it’s reassuring to know that they stand behind the product. With a certified technician on site London Drugs can take care of everything without a customer having to hunt around qualified help – or even sending it back to the manufacturer. Even when people have bought their computer elsewhere, they can come to London Drugs and talk in person rather than dealing with phone support from some far-away place or online forums.

“Dealing face to face with a technician creates a comfort zone when dealing with frustrating technical problems,” says Justin.

He has lived in Nanaimo for over 11 years and is totally sold on living the good life here.

“Nanaimo has a great balance of easy access to nature while retaining all the amenities of a city so that I can go for hikes our out kayaking without travelling far, but still buy groceries at 9 p.m. It has a strong and growing scene for art and music so there's always something fun and interesting to do”, he says.

The London Drugs computer department is open Mon - Sat. 9 am to 10 pm. Sunday 10 am to 8 pm and on Statutory holidays, 9 a.m. to 9 pm. 

Phone the computer department (250-753-5566) to determine whether Justin is on duty. The next time your computer starts acting up, put it in Justin's hands. Who knows, he might even be able to give you some camera tips.