Mar. 22, 2017

Was Monday's council love-in truly genuine?


By Merv Unger

Monday night’s council meeting was a lot like wetting the bed – all warm and cozy at first, but boy can it get cold in a real hurry.

Everything sounded truly warm and fuzzy but how genuine was it?

We would love to believe that there would be a commitment to stamp out the bullying that has been so rampant for the first two years of this council. The abuse of the mayor – they don’t have to love him but he was elected by the public to be the leader of the city. Councillors need to respect that. By bringing court action against him the so-called Fabulous Five have overstepped their bounds.

The treatment of the two female councillors is beyond human decency, they have been maligned and bullied way past the point of acceptability in a civilized society.

Neither councillors Diane Brennan and Wendy Pratt deserve the abuse they have suffered. No one should wish upon anyone the type of unacceptable boorish behavior they have endured.

How serious were the councillors to pledging a new approach? Are they prepared to join the rest of council and become a cohesive team of nine rather than five? They need to join the other four members of council, not the other way around.

There are issues that need to be investigated, preferably by outside sources. The continuing legal procedings against council members have to be brought to an end. There should be no more police involvement in the operations of council. There has been more than the public is aware of at this point.

So, after all the platitudes, council went behind closed doors in what was termed a human resources issue. Since it was closed we don’t know if it was more of the same old, same old or everyone put into practice their self-sermons from only minutes earlier. We have yet to find out how warm and cozy the atmosphere was once the TV cameras were turned off.

Something about a leopard not changing his spots.