Apr. 5, 2016

That leaves only Mickey D for breakfast

By Merv Unger

An uninformed public and media are dangerous. When people do not get basic facts they reach for conclusions. There have been a lot of conclusions by both the public and the media regarding the

Life is not so simple any more.Remember the "good Old Days"? We did not have so many things to worry about. For instance, we did not have so many people to get even with. We didn't have to worry about so many people we want to punish. It's getting so you have to keep a list and keep it at the ready so you know whom to get even with next.  

The latest boycott target is Telus which stepped afoul of its customers for publicly supporting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's fraudulent carbon tax. The internet went wild with people vowing to cancel their Telus accounts. I would have cancelled too, but I don't subscribe to Telus, so I'm denied that pleasure.

About a year ago Tim Horton's drew the ire of Albertans for dissing northern oilfield workers. Some people have long memories, and they are still refusing to go to Timmy's. 

Next came Earl's restaurant which got the real whammy for eliminating Canadian beef from its menus and replacing it with voodoo U.S. meat. You know, "ethical meat". That didn't wash with Canadians to the point that Earl's apologized and promised to include "some" Canuck beef. Last I heard they're still using that U.S. meat.

A&W has made a big to-do about no steroids or hormones in their beef – again using only Uncle Sam's hamburger. Oh oh, now Canadians are wise to the scam.

I noticed a sign on the menu board at McDonald's this morning proudly boosting Canadian farm products only. So, that leaves only Mickey D for breakfast.