Apr. 3, 2015

What is a reasonable minimum wage?

Apr 3, 2015

By Merv Unger


What is reasonable? With the recent minimal increase in the minimum wage in British Columbia that is a good question.

Arguments on both sides of the issue are usually way out of touch on reality. So what is reasonable?

By the argument of organized labour and left wing lifers, they argue the more you pay workers, the better the economy will be. If that's correct, then let's pay everyone a minimum of $50 and hour, or $100. Wow, what an economy.

On the other side, the argument that wages need to remain low in order to maintain the economy and protect jobs is even greater rubbish. When wages paid for working don't exceed what's available through welfare programs, then welfare will live forever. Why work when you can spend a life of leisure and get the dole?

Minimum wage must be at least a living wage, and $10.45 an hour is not it. Try it if you disagree.