Sep. 28, 2016

Diaphanous epidermia - the thin skin epidemic

    Sep 28, 2016

By Merv Unger

An uninformed public and media are dangerous. When people do not get basic facts they reach for conclusions. There have been a lot of conclusions by both the public and the media regarding the

By Merv Unger

Medical scientists are baffled by a newly-identified malady which is spreading across this continent in epidemic proportions.

Doctors have isolated the causes of diaphanous epidermia, also known as PC disease, but are stymied in finding a cure.

It’s based on neuroses and jingoism. The medical community is desperately trying to develop a vaccine but the biggest challenge is that injections intensify trauma, accelerating the deterioration. Any impingement on the epidermis exacerbates the locus.

Researchers say diaphanous epidermia is based on spurious and erzats neuroses related to concocted phobias about xenophobia and casteism.

Whenever people suffer a flareup they go into sockdolager, assuaging themselves in unreasonable phobias, inculpating it on perceived perils like bigotry and racism. The fear of being offended transforms many into quivering blobs of self righteous indignation.

Diaphanous epidermia is commonly known as being thin-skinned, brought on by political correctness.