Nominated candidates for school board

Bard Bill

Barron Lisa Marie

Brzovic Tania

Clarke Jennifer

Ehrismann Hunter

Finnegan Richard

Furtman Corrine

Grand Patti

Higginson Stephanie

Keller Greg

Kimler Scott

McKay Charlene

O’Neill Chantel

Robinson Bill

Saunders TerryLynn

Skogland Jen

Stanley Jessica

Sullivan Marilyn

Szeler Matt

Wilkinson Elaine.

Full support for candidates to get their message to voters

This section is dedicated to the October 20 civic and school board elections to provide a platform for candidates for all local government positions. Go where people can find you – when you launch your own page how will people know you have one? Nanaimonet has the heavy traffic you want, with more than 500,000 page views in just over a year. Candidates get their own section with virtually unlimited posts and photos, with constant updating. If you are planning to be a candidate make the cornerstone of your campaign. We'll build a page for you FREE.