Sep. 7, 2018


You can't step in it and then blame the other guy

0828 - It’s hard to swallow Mayor Bill McKay’s rightgeous indignation in responding to Premier John Horgan over comment about supportive housing in Nanaimo.

Both the premier and Housing Minister Selina Robinson took aim at the City last week over a failed attempt to build that housing.

McKay said it's time to stop playing the blame game and focus on solutions. He told local media that the comments by the minister and premier, saying Nanaimo wasn't willing to co-operate, couldn't be further from the truth.

The mayor either has a selective memory, or a very short one. It was his city council that turned down $7 million in funding, bowing to neighbourhood pressure. McKay said he finds the government’s comments very unproductive, adding the city wants BC Housing just to tell it what they want to build and the city will respond.

Why should anyone believe that things would be any different if the government gave this council a second chance? We can be thankful that we have an election for a new council in less than two months. We can hope that our citizens make a better choice than they did four years ago.

Hopefully the new council, with a new mayor, will not look a gift horse in the mouth.