'Going it alone' is not the right approach

By Jerry Berry
on Facebook

So, without getting into the merits of this, it is important that parties understand and think about the tools at the City’s disposal to go about this on its own. The provision of housing and “medical” services through property taxes is perhaps the most unfair and non-effective way to go about it possible.  

Property taxes were never designed to do this. Property taxes were intended to pay for physical services to property. (ie CORE services.) Period. It is an archaic and highly regressive tax that unfairly targets those at the lowest socio- economic level with a disproportionate tax load.  

So, here we are, tossing away $7m in funding raised through Income Taxes and instead doing reactive “feel good” bandaid responses with property taxes.  

Ie. housing people by taxing people more to live in their houses!!!!! It’s insane.  

Obviously the effect of Council’s actions are to make general housing MORE UNAFFORDABLE and potentially eventually making more people struggling on the margin homeless because they are being taxed disproportionately to fund the homeless.!!!!!!!

This is why progressive Council’s approach these problems with integrated partnerships. It is simply impossible for the City to do this with the current tools and system. Council knows this all, they just don’t seem to care about the long term solutions, more interested in short term populist electioneering with your tax dollars.