Fred Statham makes another run at city council

Fred Statham

The Harbour City has everything going for it. However, there are three Issues that need to be addressed in the next four months if it is to grow in an efficient manner. 
Affordable housing, a policy on staff use of City credit cards and waterfront development. 
Nanaimo has had an affordable housing crisis for the past 10 years. I want to be part of a team that will strongly advocate for the money and projects we need to get affordable housing for everybody in Nanaimo.
The alleged misuse of City credit cards has been very shocking and embarrassing to Nanaimoites. Obviously, we will not be able to eliminate the misuse entirely, but we can change the policy so there is better transparency.
One Port Drive needs to be the anchor for economic development downtown. My vision is to have development similar to Granville Island in Vancouver. I envision residential development, small and medium-sized businesses and tourism/transportation being Integral in the revitalization. Let’s have the same vision that Mayor Frank Ney had 30 years ago.

I invite you to join me to help build a great city for our grandchildren.