Ken Osborn seeking seat on city council

Ken Osborn

Creativity, Compassion, Creditability, Dedication, Diligence, Honesty and the love of helping others are the tools I use to shape the World I live in.  I am No stranger to problem solving and love looking at as may outcomes to one event to help find answers.

My History
Proudly coming from family that has lived in Kingston ON, since before 1904, and I become the seventh generation of my family to be Born in Kingston ON, so I knew and understand the pride, one has in their own home town. Growing up in a Military family, I have also had to chance to move to and lived in many location including Nanaimo back in the early 70s, each one showing me a different way people lived and got along. Like most people in Canada, I grow up having good time, as well as bad time.
Growing up as a Special Education Student, gave me a unique way of looking at the World around us and taught me different ways to achieve what I went after and didn’t stop me from  the goals I set for myself. Achieving two grade 12 diplomas, college courses, as well as countless courses from simple due diligence  to becoming self employed. 
Education can come from anywhere and is the key that unlocks the future. At one point in my mid-20s, I stumbled in life like most youth, and ended up homeless in my own hometown for more than seven months, sleeping in parks and doorways. Having to stay up all night to find a safe place in the day to get some sleep was a lesson that stayed with my whole life. 
After meeting my future wife Dianne my focus changed and I took advantage of opportunities like a government education programs, as well as self employment and work placements that I turned into a career stretching over 25 Years, finishing by running Ozzy’s Metal Magic for 14 Years, one of Canada’s last non-metallic electroplating specialist companies that bronzed unique objects for a North American market. No stranger to Long hours, and dedication to help others, I also chose to drive and dispatched taxis  in Kingston for over 10 Years.
In 2007, life stumbled again, and I spent the next seven years fighting a battle within, devoting 20 hours a day working, to hide from it. When in 2014, I found the help I needed to deal with the post traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD)  I had. Now, I have a lot of different ways to help live with it.  Since then, I returned to volunteering, helping charities and even started four of my own unique charities, that have helped across Canada to honour and support those in need.
One of our best way to handle my PTSD came in 2015, when Dianne and I chose to do something life changing. For a Wonderful 25th wedding  anniversary present for my wife, I closed my company and I gave up the taxis and dispatching and Retired from all three jobs.
We downsized to 2,000 Lbs of possessions to ship across Canada and then we boarded the trans Canada train and spent four days seeing Canada, as we moved to Nanaimo so Dianne could be here with her family. We plan to be in Nanaimo the rest of our days.  But my love and drive to help others still lives on and I still look for opportunities to step up and help again. Today, I  do my part, whether it’s helping to support local charities like the Nanaimo Pregnancy Centre, Nanaimo Makerspace, the Men's Centre, to volunteering with the Special Olympics (5-pin bowling), Ride for Dad and other organization that may  need help, or just simple helping clean up at the Superstore. I do what I can, when I can.
I feel that stepping up for a council position might give me the best opportunity I can to help Nanaimo turn into a better place for everybody. Since arriving I often attended city council meetings and just before  last Christmas, I had the chance to step up to help point out a problem  I saw and am proud to have played a part in bringing about change to question period, because I raised accessibility concerns about a requirement to submit questions in writing. The rule has since been eased.
We all have been placed here to help one another and if I see a problem, I have to speak up.  If not, I am not helping, I’m hindering. I will admit politics is outside my comfort zone, but I’ve spent a lot of years  working long hours and I would do the same as a city councillor. I look forward to sharing my ideas of the upcoming campaigns and different ways I see the problems hunting Nanaimo.
My Vision
A City need Three things to survive, 
  1. People, family  and communities that stay and call it home, 
  2. Industries and work places to help keep people working to help support and grow the city.
  3. Homes to house those citizens and the many more who wish to come to make up a larger city. 
Neglect, any one of them and the others will not survive and a ghost town replaces the city.
My vision for Nanaimo is to help create a city where all residents live, work and play together, enjoying all that Nanaimo has, because of it’s picturous location.  With business and employment opportunities, cultural amenities,  recreational activities and educational  facilities. Nanaimo has what it takes and I will do everything in my power as a councillor to make Nanaimo, the place, where all citizens can thrive and say they are proud to call Nanaimo Home.
My Goals
  • Abe Lincoln stated “A government for the People, by the People”.  I believe, an informed Mind will always know what’s up;   Citizen need to kept informed as much as allowed.  Honesty, transparency  and a council overseeing the operations of the city in a responsible and respectful manner.
  • Create a poverty reduction plans to cover the next five, 10, 20 and 50 years. Look at creating long-term ‘fix to income’ housing around the city by utilizing what we as a city have available and at the same time look at all funding which provincial and federal governments offer and start to get shovels in the ground.
  • Address the old derelict buildings that businesses used to operate in. Most are unusable and are hindering Nanaimo’s growth.
  • Le'ts promote a new Nanaimo and look at attract new businesses, industries and job creation.  Citizen need to work to survive, so let's look at ways to help the businesses we already have as we welcome New businesses.
  • Health and home, we have them both, we should see how to help our hospital upgrade.  This will  help Nanaimo residents to get their treatment done here and not have to travel to Victoria or the Lower Mainland for the same treatment.
  • keeping civic projects going and keeping everything moving in a timely, efficient manner  will be needed too and we will have to keep in mind that we have to use the money from the taxpayers’ to fund them.
  • Nanaimo can have a lot to offer visitors to our little part of Paradise. I would like to see what can be done to give visitors an awesome experience, they will love to share with their friends & family.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me to talk. You can reach me through
E-mail at,
Facebook at OZZY for City Council
or by phone at 250-816-5634