Sacia Burton withdraws from council race

Sacia Burton

Dear friends, family, supporters, and community members of Nanaimo: 

It is through careful deliberation that I have decided to withdraw my bid for City Council in the upcoming election.

My passion for this city, and city-building, remains -- if anything, it has grown throughout this year of candidacy! Thanks to the many rich conversations and learning opportunities I have been afforded as a candidate, I have had the chance to see our city through countless new perspectives, and I am so incredibly grateful for these learning experiences.

I am not walking away from politics. I plan to remain an active, engaged citizen, and am as determined as ever to bring more folks in to the political process. 

The time is simply not right for me. With that said, I am seeking new opportunities for the fall, so please send postings my way if you think they might be a fit.

I have faith that on the (undoubtedly long) ballot this fall, you will find many fine candidates willing to serve our city with integrity, grace, and compassion. On October 20, look for folks with big hearts, big ears, and big smiles despite the long hours ahead of them. Look for folks who don’t shy away from hard work and tough decisions. Look for folks who care deeply about our city, and the best interest of all those who call it home.

Thank you for this opportunity, Nanaimo.