Who is Rae Kornberger?

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Nanaimo city council.

I am a woman of many roles – mother, angel mother, grandmother, person with disabilities, field interviewer,producer and host for a one-hour radio talk show.

My work and volunteer history have been mixed, with one common thread; connecting with the public. 

My public work began in sport as a swim instructor and lifeguard, I moved onto daycare provider/operator, head cashier, concession manager, and my current position as field interviewer for Statistics Canada.

As a volunteer, I have been involved in various boards, representing a variety of community interests,

SPORTS -  Port Alberni Sea Lions Football and Vancouver Island Football Association

EDUCATDION - Malaspina University College Rights and Democracy Club, Malaspina University College Board of Education 

ARTS - The Global Film Festival

POLITICS - Friends of Planned Nanaimo 

DISABILITY -  Nanaimo Disability Resource Centre

My most rewarding volunteer experience has been my 10 years as host and producer of A Sense of Justice, my one-hour radio talk show airing live on 101.7 FM, CHLY Radio. I have truly enjoyed the years of learning and analyzing civic, provincial, federal, and international issues. 

Hosting and producing live radio has taught me to know my values, to be solid in my beliefs, to face challenges with strength, to be consistent and fair, to listen and to be open to change. 

Thus, I believe, my most valuable assets are: integrity, active listening skills, fair-mindedness, organization, interpersonal communication, and ease for learning new systems, data, and environments.  

My working and volunteer history is combined with a formal education that is relevant to civil service. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Malaspina University College/Vancouver Island University, with a major in Women’s Studies and two minors, Political Science and Sociology. 

These are but some of the talents I will bring to the job of Nanaimo City councillor.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/Electkornbergerrae2018
Email:  Electkornbergerrae2018@gmail.com



Rae Kornberger unveils her platform for city council

Rae Kornberger

Thank you for stopping by to research my ideas, for a successful and functioning city and council. 

I am excited to embark on this journey to become a member of 3 teams, the council, the staff, and the citizens of Nanaimo.

I invite you to reach out, so we may have a conversation about your concerns/suggestions.

Let us come together and create a Nanaimo we are all proud to call home!

1. Governance

Nanaimo citizens need supportive governance that establishes policies and monitors their operation. 

We need nine people with integrity, foresight, and willpower to ensure the checks and balances that protect the public are working. 

I will work with council on these issues:

 Four-year sStrategic plan 

• Continue with bylaw and policy updates 
• Act on directions of the Nanaimo Affordable Housing Strategy
• Land use planning
• Committee reinstatement
• Infrastructure maintenance & upgrades
• Staff recruitment

The strategic plan will be an important piece of reference for council in implementing the municipality’s vision. 

I am in be in favour of continuing to update and monitor the city’s policies & bylaws.

Social housing funding has been lacking and demand keeps growing, so implementing the Nanaimo Affordable Housing Strategy’s recommendations is something I wish to work as a councilor to put into action.

As a municipality we must identify land for non-market housing in order to secure provincial moneys. Council should embrace a passive housing ideology for all development. 

I will encourage council to re-establish the advisory committee on environmental sustainability (ACES), the Nanaimo Economic Development Committee (NEDC), a new model of the downtown Nanaimo business improvement association (DNBIA).

Maintaining infrastructure with a long-term plan will help ensure projects are completed on time and budget. 

I believe increasing efforts to recruit staff will be necessary to reduce departmental overload, strengthen the organization and carryout council’s work plan.

Gender/Disability equity

Promoting diversity elevates and changes the discourse being discussed.

 I wish to create clear mentorship programs and leadership training to include women, persons with disabilities and persons of colour.

I will encourage changing human resources regulations to hire more women, persons with disabilities and persons of colour

I will champion upgrading all city spaces for persons with disabilities community.

Snuneymuxw Relationship

I support sending a letter to the Nation’s council stating the City’s desire to engage the Snuneymuxw and work toward reconciliation 

I would ask council to recognize the import of working with Snuneymuxw Nation as partners in governance. 

Gender is an important issue for me. Research shows with the minimum of 30 per cent women in leadership the productivity, social, and economics of an organization can increase up to 50 per cent. Hence, having clear hiring policies and mentorship programs available to women is beneficial and an issue I will champion to the council members. 

Persons with disabilities need equity in access and employment. Nanaimo’s infrastructure is still in need of modernization for more inclusivity and I will work with council and staff to continue the upgrades.

The relationship with the Snuneymuxw Nation is broken. We live and work on unceded lands, recognize the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), and are aware of the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations; it is now time for governments to inquire and then listen. It is my hope that the relationship can be revisited in a respectful government-to-Nation manner and a relationship I will help council mend.

 Community Revitalization

Nanaimo’s neighbourhoods are in need of some TLC; they have been ignored as of late and this must be rectified to bring back Nanaimo’s unique vibrancy.

• Business’s front facades upgraded
• Buskers & food trucks 
• Diana Krall plaza upgrades 
• Create business opportunities 
• Walkable/connectable streets
• Year round crafts & farmers market & outdoor patios
• Retain ‘working harbour’ identity
• Port Drive master plan revisions 

Nanaimo has a comprehensive Official Community Plan (OCP) and several community and neighbourhood plans that can guide a council. These focus on sustainability for Nanaimo and it’s citizens. My goal as your elected representative will be to uphold that vision. 

I believe sustainable cities can be achieved by creating connected communities that are walkable, safe, and economically viable. Modest improvements such as sidewalks and amenities (trees/plants, seating/tables, lighting, garbage bins) can be done in stages and if elected I will champion these measures.

A vibrant downtown is part of an overall thriving community, so I favour installing a program for rebates for front façade upgrades, rewriting bylaws to allow for food truck operation, beautifying Diana Krall plaza, maintaining the working harbour identity, & redesigning the Port Drive’s Waterfront Master Plan slightly. I think to attract downtown businesses (farmers market, VIU satellite campus, & crafts market) tax incentives could be used as a catalyst to enrich Nanaimo’s aesthetics, culture, & socialbility.  

Environmental Stewardship

The island is stand alone and thus must become ecologically sound. I favour implementing a true zero waste ideology.

• Zero Waste
• Food security
• Multi modal system
• Watershed protection

The City has a responsibility to manage collection, recycling, composting, and disposal of household waste. A zero waste philosophy, an NRE-like facility, and banning single-use plastics is essential to make the 90 per cent diversion target proposed by the Regional District of Nanaimo. Therefore, I would encourage debate and discussion on this matter. In addition, discussing increasing food production to create a stronger sense of food security for Nanaimo’s citizens is something I will support as well, upon election. 

Environmentally speaking, a multi-modal system for the movement of people is important. Three pillars are included in this system, walking, biking, & transit. In a car-centred travel approach cyclists and pedestrians lack connecting pathways, sidewalks, and street crossings that are walkable, safe, accessible, and comfortable. These improvements can be achieved to overcome current challenges and I will work with council to implement them.

Reliable, frequent, and direct transit is a must, when developing higher density urban nodes, corridors and mixed-use development. These mobility hubs will create shorter trips and promote alternative forms of travelling for all ages. Transportation needs revision with the high percentage of seniors living on the island and the issue of senior isolation. As a potential Regional District of Nanaimo director I would encourage a senior inclusive transit review.

As a possible RDN director I would like to protect the region’s water sources (sheds, aquifers, lakes, rivers, streams, brooks, etc), by stopping egress variances near water sources, by enacting a local zoning bylaw requiring cluster development, by creating a regional conservation fund, and by installing property tax incentives to sustainable practicing, forest managing, landowners.

Thank-you for reading my platform, your support is humbling.

 I need volunteers to canvas and contribute financially to my campaign

Facebook: http://facebook.com/Electkornbergerrae2018
Email:  Electkornbergerrae2018@gmail.com