Armstrong seeks re-election to city council

Coun. Sheryl Armstrong

Coun. Sheryl Armstrong is seeking re-election to Nanaimo City Council.

She was first elected in a byelection last year after Coun. Wendy Pratt resigned.

Economic development

Economic development is essential for Nanaimo's future growth. To that end, I believe it is Council's responsibility to ensure there is a decisive and broad business plan in place to maximize Nanaimo’s prosperity. Together, with our business, government and community stake holders partners, we can work to promote and foster business and economic growth and promote tourism. Further, we must examine how business is done in the City, what is working and what is not. The cost of economic development should not be achieved at the cost of the tax payer.

Mental health strategy

A Mental Health Strategy is critical for Nanaimo. In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of hours spent by emergency services personnel such as police, fire, and ambulance dealing with people who have a mental illness. Our outreach workers do not have enough time in the day to deal with all those who need help. We need to form a working group composed of council members, emergency service personnel, frontline workers, and medical professionals to develop a strategy for Nanaimo.

Community input

The community voice needs to be heard. There are many ways it can be done. One way is to have representation from the neighbourhood associations meet with council members quarterly or as required. Council members need to be engaged with the community and attend as many community events as possible in order to hear from our citizens. When delegations come to council, an appropriate time allotment is needed so their voices can be heard.

Fiscal responsibility

City Council needs to spend taxpayers dollars wisely. We must first look at our infrastructure needs: what is required to be built and what needs to be replaced. This must be done prior to addressing our wish list. The wish list needs to come from the Community and not from Council.

I ask myself how much did it cost when 23 senior staff members left the City? Why did this happen and could it have been prevented?


I take my duties as a council member very seriously. I attend all meetings, as many community events as I can, reply to many concerns raised by citizens, follow many Facebook groups to keep myself informed on issues concerning constituents, and post a monthly update of my activities on my Facebook site. I also meet with community members  when requested.  If I am unable to attend a Council Meeting, Public Hearing, etc I make every effort to call in.


I committed to posting my rationale for any controversial issue which comes before Council. I have followed through with this and will continue to do so if re- elected. 


I read all documents which are coming before Council and if I require further information, I seek it out through various sources including research online, talking to experts in the field, and speaking with staff members. I do the same as the alternate on the RDN. I attend all the meetings to ensure that I am up to speed in the event I am called upon to sit at as a Director for the RDN and need to vote. 


This past year on Council, numerous issues  have played out in the press. I did not comment on anything which was in Camera or confidential in nature. I encouraged staff members to bring forward their concerns to Regulatory bodies and I did the same. When I disagreed with a fellow Councillor I did so in a respectful manner and will continue to do so if re-elected.