Youth Council chairman seeking seat on city council.

Michael Ribicic

I was born and raised in Nanaimo. I attended Princess Anne Elementary School and then Cilaire Elementary School and Woodlands Secondary where I graduated from in 2013. After graduation, I worked in small retail management roles for two years before pursuing a post-secondary education at Vancouver Island University Currently I am a full time student at Vancouver Island University (VIU) studying political studies and history with an anticipated graduation date of December 2018. 

I have always been passionate about our city and motivated to give back to our community. I have done so through volunteering and by serving on a diverse range of committees:

  • VIU Senate
  • VIU Planning and Priorities Committee
  • Nanaimo Youth Advisory Council (Chair)
  • VIU Alumni Association Board
  • VIU Student Travel and Research Committee (STAR)
  • VIU Students’ Union (VIUSU)
  • Nanaimo’s Canada 150 Committee
  • Selection Committee: Provost Awards for Outstanding Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity (VIU).
  • VIU Program Review and Oversight Committee.

I am also a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Lantzville and a member of the youth wing of Rotary, Rotaract.  

Having always been passionate about our city and engaged in politics, I always knew that one day I would run for elected office, but I did not know when that one day would be. A friend once said that you will know when to run because people will start asking you to.

This past year many friends and colleagues did ask. It eventually got to the point where I had to seriously consider the question of running. I did a lot of research and asked myself many questions, and in the end, I decided to run for Nanaimo City Council. I have the energy, the integrity and the passion that it takes to be an effective councillor. I am committed and honest and am ready to work hard for the citizens of Nanaimo for the next four years.

I have been fortunate to have served on many committees in our community that have taught me valuable skills. I plan on using those skills and applying them to achieving what our city needs and deserves.

Some of my main priorities and focuses will be on affordable housing, public transit and stronger governance.I am committed to strengthening our relationships with every entity that helps makes us stronger as a city. I plan to bring lobbying skills to the table as a councillor and will always make my decisions by asking if what I am voting for is in the best interests of Nanaimo and its citizens. and my website