Al Thompson announces candidacy

(Editor's note: Mr. Thompson has not provided a photo)
Born in Alberta 1948
Moved to Nanaimo  1969
Married 1971
  Became a Red Sealed Heavy Duty Mechanic
Started my own business in 1976 working as a Relocation Specialist , dealing with the food industry, forest products, equipment, structural steel and log homes. [30 years]
Spend 2 years as the western regional equipment manager [ seven division]  for a large waste company
Shore captain for two 400 ships in Alameda Cal. [ 1 year]
Spent one year selling scrap steel to India
I now work as a consultant for Broken Oar Distilling Equipment , duties include , selling, buying [from China] , product design and testing of equipment.
Just started my own online internet company, Eighteen Reasons Ent. importing and selling of electric mobility trikes.
 Why am I running for city council
Well as a hard working tax payer I am tired of the waste and mismanagement of my tax dollars here in Nanaimo.
The present council has wasted millions of dollars on lawyer and consultant fees because they have not a clue what they are doing or even the ability to get along with each other.
I can work and get along with anybody as long as they do the job they where hired to do.
  We need to start making more jobs here in the city, folk work, they pay tax's. I would like to see a waste recycling plant build here to handle all the waste on the island and supply heat for green houses and electric power for the city, this alone will create hundreds of tax paying jobs. Did you know that a lot of our waste is now shipped to Oregon USA.
There is a lot of work needing done on our city , it is dirty and falling apart, lets fix what we have , and then expand, the dreamers want to attract the tourists to milk them of their funds , well first lets make this a place where they would like to come to, a clean well run city, when it gets to that point then we build the attractions, [ here's one, say a tourist gets of the ferry at Duke Point and drives in to town via Nicol St. in to the town town core, this drive alone will put one right off the city, it shows we have no pride..]