Kevin Storrie seeking seat on City Council

Kevin Storrie

After a great deal of support from many in the community, I have decided that my various experiences, training and involvement in municipal, provincial and federal politics and more than 30 years as a business owner, supervisor and financial consultant, my history and visions are what is needed now at the council level.

 This election, more than any in the past can see a historical change in how we govern our community. The current council has in short, failed to live up to the expectations voters thought they could rely on in 2014. 

Bogged down in petty squabbles, legal actions and out of control spending, this council must be replaced.  After decades of backroom politics and hidden agendas, the voters have a choice this time, to step into today by selecting a diverse, intelligent, well-educated and caring council.

I recognize that there are many splended candidates who have put their names forward and I look forward to four years of responsible, open and professional governance –  a council that will be approachable and operate as a team. We can make Nanaimo a city that we can proudly call home.

Our city council has become the ridicule of the nation and this will stop on October 20. 

I have many times been called a can-do kinda guy and believe me, I am ready to get to work, on a full time basis, for the citizens of our city.

My vision is two fold. The first part is immediate. What I hope we will accomplish over the next four years. Secondly, is what I see for the future years and how policies that we implement over the elected term of this council will help in the coming decades.

The immediate concern is dealing with the tent city that sits on city-owned property at 1 Port Drive. I will continue to work with the provincial government in finding an alternate site for the tent city. I consider the Port Drive location to be temporary and a resolution can be found, hopefull, quite soon.

It would be a mistake to not realize that homelessness and the need for a city council to take action is a reality now and will be in the long term. Problems associated with mental health, addictions, forced disability and changing social pressures are very real in this day and age and to ignore them, without finding solutions, simply passes the buck onto future generations.

We must first of all, inventory all current lands and facilities that are available to a number of services and locations. Vastly increase detox and treatment facilities for those afflicted with these terrible diseases must have hope and must see a way out of their nightmare lives. As Nanaimo is the regional center for provincial and federal services, it will continue to be the place for these facilities to be located. We must also be ready to take advantage of funding from senior levels of government as they become available.

Transportation is both a short- and a long-term issue. As the community grows, the demand for mass transit will grow with it. In the short term we need to make adjustments to the current bus schedules to service user who work in both the north and south ends, who work early and late. Busses running to the ferry terminal and to the north end malls, must run from 6 am until 1 am. 

Rapid transit between Nanaimo and Victoria, Port Alberni and Courtenay will become neccesary mode of transport in the future, so I am in favour of saving and maintaining  Island Corridor path, for the future. Disablility access to all forms of public transit is a must.

The very first motion I will propose as a newly elected city councillor is that we have a series of open forums. Forums that will move around from the north end to the south end and the mid-town. These forums would have no set agenda and citizens would be able to attend and discuss with council whatever is on their minds. Not restricted by a set , which is the case now.

The horrific abuse of in-camera (secret, behind closed doors) meetings must come to an end. There is a place for in-camera meeting where matters discussing legal matters, property exchanges or staff concerns must be kept confidential. All other council business nees to debated an discussed in the openness of the council chambers.

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