Greg Keller seeking seat on school board

Greg Keller

I am a husband and father of two kids who attend Frank J. Ney Elementary School. 

I am a Registered Professional Planner with 16 years experience leading a range of complex, multi-stakeholder community planning and engagement projects. As a public servant working in a local government setting, I have worked closely with the public, elected officials, senior levels of government, and community groups from across the region to lead the creation of Official Community Plans, to administer the development approval process, and make the community the best it can be. I offer a specialized skill set that will allow me to excel as your School District Trustee.

As a person who enjoys helping others and participating in my community, I volunteer as the Vice President of the Coast Emergency Communications Association (CECA) which provides emergency radio communications services during times of need to the City of Nanaimo and the Regional District of Nanaimo. My role in CECA raised my awareness of the importance of emergency preparedness and need to ensure that our students are educated in safe facilities and that our district is prepared in the event of an emergency.

Why I am running for school trustee

I know how hard it has been for families struggling with the impacts of school closures, difficulty in accessing preferred educational and academy programs, and uncertainty with respect to school registration and choice.

I am running for school district trustee to bring a voice of reason to the Board table and to take a stand for students and families who have been negatively affected by previous decisions of the Board of Education. I represent a common-sense decision-making approach. One that supports student across the district and provides meaningful opportunities for the community to participate in the decisions that affect them. 

Student Success: dedicate more resources towards student services, teachers and teacher’s supports, and mental health services. Support actions and programs that improve student success and ensure the educational needs of each student are met. Work with indigenous communities as educational partners to deliver education and learning in a culturally appropriate manner.

Open and Transparent Governance: work towards making the Board more accessible to anyone wishing to represent an idea or concern, reform the governance model to review the role of administration and to ensure that the Board is responsible for all policies and high-impact decisions.

Facilities Planning: focus on facilities renewal, seismic upgrading, emergency preparedness. Coordinate with municipal partners to ensure that there is a strong link between enrollment projections, facility capacity, growth rates, and development projections. Recognize that our schools are vitally important to the success of the communities we serve.

Maximum budget benefit for students: I will work advocate for programs and services which result in spending as close to the classroom as possible where it will benefit student education and safety the most. Improved facilities planning and streamlined governance model has potential to reduce costs and increase efficiency. I will also take advantage of opportunities that arise to work with funding partners and other stakeholders to advocate for increased funding and new funding opportunities.

My leadership or co-working style. To be an education leader in Nanaimo. Ladysmith, Lantzville, and District takes someone who is driven to help others, to improve the community, and who is a strong defender of the public education system. Being a leader also takes a person who approaches challenging decisions in a calm, collective, professional manner and who can collaborate effectively. I believe I have these qualities and am a forward-thinking individual who strives to make rational and informed decisions that reflect the values of those involved and respond to the needs of students and families.

For more information:
Facebook: @electgregkeller
Instagram: gregbkeller
Phone: (250) 713-8509