Alexis Peteresen seeking seat on city council

Alexis Petersen

Alexis Petersen has announced her bid for a seat on Nanaimo City Council. 

She brings 35 years experience in both the social and justice systems to council.

“There are hard decisions to be made to find solutions to all the issues that face the community. As a social worker for 20 years with the Ministry for Children/Family Development, I had to make difficult tough decisions every day.”

She has a Social Work degree and Masters in Criminology to understand complexities of legislation, financial issues and policy needed to manage the city day to day.

She has also become more passionate about working on difficult community issues through her volunteer role on the City of Nanaimo Public Safety Committee.


More work needs to be done to develop community partnerships. The problems of today cannot be solved by Council working in isolation.

I listen to what people have to say, and I wants to work with fellow council members and with stakeholders. I believe in win-win solutions.