Peter Kent running for city council

Peter Kent

I grew up in Nanaimo from 1967-1982 with my single mother. I went to Fairview Elementary, John Barsby and NDSS. My early jobs were at Harmac and Kelly’s Stereo Mart. I will always be grateful for how it welcomed us. It has always held a special place in my heart. 

I have recently returned to the Island with my family after serving as District Councillor in Squamish, to help forge a solid team for the governance of the City of Nanaimo. And I stress the term “team”. It’s of the utmost importance to work cohesively, egos aside. 

It is a crucial time. Nanaimo is coming out of political discord and municipal chaos. This election will determine how we move forward. A new council will be faced with the task of re-establishing a respectful, transparent and congenial workplace and a return to good governance and fiscal responsibility. 

Among others, affordable housing and homelessness are key issues every municipality is facing in this election. We must take an assertive stance with a solid game plan and involve senior levels of Govt and their agencies to assist. And we must act now by dedicating/rezoning land and capturing Federal and Provincial funding. 

But this isn’t a single issue campaign - 

Nanaimo is run by a corporation that belongs to you. The stakeholder. Nearly 3 billion dollars in assets must be respectfully administered by your council. Municipal finance is a daunting task and getting up to speed on policy & process is a steep learning curve. For a novice, it is akin to jumping into a raging river and learning to swim. The weight of the day to day business does not slacken while you learn the ropes. My experience has prepared me to get to work without delay, on your behalf. 

For the last 2 years (in my personal
time) I have followed Nanaimo’s council meetings, agendas, Strategic plans and Newsblogs, while working as a Squamish councillor. I have looked forward to bringing my family back to the Island and putting my municipal skills to work in a positive manner. I have the experience to help create a forward thinking, responsive, trusting team. To attract and retain staff. To get the work done. In a civil and respectful manner. To serve the community. With oversight, transparency and integrity. 

I have spent my last term in a young, rapidly growing community facing many of Nanaimos issues - homelessness, rising taxes, infrastructure and growth pressures. I sincerely hope you will help me apply that experience to my hometown of Nanaimo. 

Elected office is the highest order of public service and offers the opportunity to significantly influence the quality of life in your community. It is not to be taken lightly. It would be an honour to serve you.