Ben Geselbracht running for city council

Ben Geselbracht

Nanaimo is a special place to live. To meet the challenges of our growing city and move in a positive direction, we need to harness all the talent and know-how in our community. We need to work together.

My campaign is about strengthening our community. Together, we can grow a strong and diverse local economy. Together, we can ensure a healthy environment to live, learn and work in. The key to our success is a functional, transparent local government. As your city councillor, I commit to work co-operatively for a Nanaimo that is livable, sustainable and full of opportunity. 

I am a local business owner and a committed community organizer. Raised in Nanaimo, I hold a BSc in Biology and an MA in counselling. My professional background includes non-profit, government and private sector experience in both fields. I own and operate Yeoman Tree

I have devoted myself to making Nanaimo a better place. I am a director on several non-profit boards and a committee member for the Regional District. I am one of the founding directors of the Mid-Island Community Development Co-op (MyCDC). MyCDC facilitates community projects that enhance the health of local neighbourhoods. 

Restore a well-functioning city government

  • Strong leadership and accountable city management
  • Open and transparent city council; responsible use of tax dollars
  • Inclusive committees and public engagement
  • Efficient permitting process

Strengthen our community

  • Action on affordable housing and homelessness
  • Revitalize downtown core; effective public transportation
  • Mandate authentic engagement in Truth and Reconciliation
  • Empower our community organizations

Ensure a Healthy Environment

  • Re-establish the city advisory committee on environment
  • Restore and protect our city’s nature spaces and waterways
  • Improve recycling access and services; Incentivize the use of green technology

Grow a strong and diverse local economy

  • Strengthen city economic development program
  • Attract and develop tech  and local agriculture food sector 
  • Support small businesses

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