Bill Bard seeking seat on school board

Bill Bard

After a great deal of thought and consultation with family and close friends I have decided to seek a seat on our new school Board.

After the past four years it is evident to me and many others that the inequity deliberately dealt our District, and the harm it has caused overall, I can no longer sit on the sidelines. Our School Board must serve a governance model without surrendering all decision making to staff.

A Trustee’s job is to represent each and every constituent equally, and vocally; even if that means going against the majority. No-one should ever vote just because they have been told to or they don’t want to be unpopular.

As an open member of the LGBTQ2+ community, I feel it is essential to have this personal perspective at the table. The BC SOGI policy is under attack from people threatened by the traditional family model, and people that I believe Christ would be upset with for contravening his teachings.

Our LGBTQ2+ students, parents, and staff are under attack every day and must have a Board that does not reduce their protections, but rather reinforce them. Some mostly good steps have been taken by Trustee Brzovic, but more needs to be done! SD68 must have a stable, united Board with a vision that will result public education being sustainable, and thriving. This takes fiscal responsibility that focuses on safe structures, and not evicting paying tenants from underused schools. Not spreading too few support staff thinner.

This means ensuring that every student is successful through Learning. A Board of education is not a Board of athletics. The new football field and stadium are beautiful and were needed, but there are more urgent places to put those funds.

I ask for your support in defending public education against elitistism and self service. Put Bard On The Board again on October 20.