Who is Eike Jordan?

Born and raised in Germany, I speak German and English fluently, some French and Italian, a few words of Portuguese and have a high school degree in ancient Latin.

I moved to Nanaimo with my two (now adult) children 12 years ago and made it my home because I love everything about this charming city with my heart and soul.

I have travelled extensively, working with research universities and hospitals all around the world, and every time I return from a trip I have a deep happy sigh in my throat and love in my heart when I look at Nanaimo as the ferry sails into the harbor.


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Eike Jordan joins race to become Mayor of Nanaimo

Eike Jordan

Nanaimo is an exceptional city with a rich long history encompassing many wonderful diverse transitions extending back hundreds of years. As an oceanside city and gateway to our beautiful Island with ancient forests, protected plant species and unique wildlife, I love everything about this charming city that has been my home for the past 12 years. I am proud to be Canadian and even more proud to live in beautiful Nanaimo!

It is my priority to ensure the safety and comfort of the citizens in our city; to develop a Municipal Development Plan that addresses all aspects of the City’s growth; and to ensure our city is clean, beautiful, and prosperous so as to become the most desirable place to live and visit globally to attract tourism worldwide.

In serving as Mayor, I am committed to making myself available to listen to the wishes and concerns of the residents of Nanaimo, and to express their thoughts and needs in exploring and finding the best possible solutions to the city’s challenges.

For the past 29 years, I have had the benefit of listening to my patients of all ages and walks of life express their views, concerns, wishes and frustrations on issues that affect them. Issues like schooling, access to the city in general; access to city amenities for people with disabilities and the elderly; safety for adolescents. We have to address transit; traffic density; water quality; the time required to process city permits; cleanliness of the city; businesses in distress; and addiction treatments and the homeless.

Based on these conversations I have come to know that these issues have not been satisfactorily addressed within our city and we need alternative solutions. I believe in doing what is right for the betterment of our community and I will continue to engage in these critical conversations with the residents of Nanaimo as these dialogues are the heartbeat of Nanaimo and a measure of the health of our communities.

With me as Mayor and a newly-elected council, I will bring my passion for health, nature and our environment to transform Nanaimo into a beautiful, thriving and healthy city.