Jessica Stanley seeks seat on Nanaino School Board

Jessica Stanley

Public education is the cornerstone of our society. It is the great equalizer that gives all children a chance at success. 

Following years of underfunding and a Supreme Court ruling that reorganized classroom structure, public education is in a significant process of change including a new curriculum and coming collective bargaining. Our children need a strong and experienced advocate to maintain high educational standards and to ensure successful learning environments. Jessica has the experience and background to be the advocate our schools need. 

As school trustee, Jessica will:

• Prioritize learning environments and student success for all students

• Be transparent, responsive, and collaborative

• Strengthen collaborative and respectful relationships

Ensuring student success for all students must be the number one priority for school trustees. Every decision must hold students and our community in mind and strive for equitable and inclusive schools. 

Our school board must understand how academic and mental health challenges affect our classrooms in order to allocate funds appropriately. We need to better assess and meet the academic and emotional needs of our students in the classroom and on our playgrounds. Our students need up-to-date learning materials and increased educator attention, and schools need to be safe and clean learning environments. 

School district governance must be transparent, responsive, and collaborative. Schools are the hub of our community; decisions affecting our schools deeply impact our communities. Students, parents, and community members should be welcome contributors to school district decisions, including land use, strategic planning, and educational programs. Our community wants meaningful consultation and improved communication from our school district, which in turn will foster engagement and increase transparency. 

Strengthening collaborative and respectful relationships with teachers, staff, and community members will improve decision-making and school district governance. The insight from our partner groups better informs school district decisions and direction. Fostering collaborative and respectful working relationships will improve morale, functioning, and efficiency. 

Jessica has the knowledge, experience and passion to work collaboratively with all members of Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District to reach these goals. She is the experienced, fresh perspective that our community needs. 


Jessica Stanley is a lifelong advocate for quality education and a strong start in life for our kids. 

With three sons in Nanaimo-Ladysmith public schools, Jessica is deeply committed to our school system. She has been a School Trustee in North Vancouver since 2014 and remained committed to the role even after her family’s move to Nanaimo in 2017. 

Jessica’s professional life taught her both sides of our education system: where it works well, and where it falls short. As a post-secondary instructor, she knew what students need to succeed. In her work with at-risk and incarcerated youth, she saw how schools failed to meet the needs of young people and the impacts these failures had on our communities. 

Jessica holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology. As a clinician, she provided a wide range of services to youth and adults, including psychodiagnostic, psychoeducational, and social-emotional assessments. Because of her experience in psychology, Jessica understands the complexity of class composition issues and the role of mental health, giftedness, and intellectual disabilities in the classroom. She knows the importance and cost effectiveness of early assessment and intervention. By profession, Jessica is a listener and knows the value of understanding multiple points of view in conflict resolution and decision making . She works tirelessly to advocate for more classroom resources, more support for students with special needs, and a better learning environment for all children.

As school trustee, Jessica served as Vice-chair of the Board, chair of the Education and Programs standing committee, and on many other committees including the French Immersion Review committee, the North Shore Substance Working Group, the Communications Committee, the Audit Committee, and is on the Provincial Council for the British Columbia School Trustee Association. During her tenure as school trustee, she advocated for good governance, transparency, evidence-based decision making, sustainability, classroom-focused budgeting, and improving staff morale. She also previously served as treasurer of a province-wide preschool organization. 

Jessica Stanley’s experience and knowledge are necessary to fully understand the challenges of class composition, creating and working within a strategic plan, and community-responsive governance. She offers an experienced fresh perspective and looks forward to continuing her advocacy for quality education as a school trustee for SD68.