Gary Korpan seeking election as City Councillor

Gary Korpan

Good governance is essential

Hello fellow Nanaimo citizens, I am Gary Korpan respectfully asking for your vote as City Councillor on October 20, or at the advance polls Wednesday, October 10, 2018 or Wednesday, October 17. 

Nanaimo has been my home since 1967 and I truly believe that my responsibility is to serve our city in return for all the opportunities it has given me. I wish to help in our unending goal of making Nanaimo an even better, healthier place to work and live.

I am offering my extensive training, knowledge, and experience in municipal government as a candidate for City Council.

By any objective standard, I have excellent qualifications as a candidate for City Council. I have a degree in political science; a degree in law with emphasis in constitutional law; post graduate courses in municipal government; 20 plus years running a law practice; nine years Nanaimo City Councillor; 15 years as Nanaimo Mayor (1993-2008); 20 years on the Regional 

I have wide community knowledge that would benefit the new Council ranging from City operations and budgeting, economic to environmental to social issues as well as experience in dealing with emergencies. My employment as an Auxiliary Police officer with Victoria City Police under the Law Student Police Program gives me added insight into policing and social needs. 

My appointment to the BC Premier's Task Force on Mental Health and Addictions gave me detailed knowledge of the homeless crisis.

My first priority, if you elect me, will be good governance as witnessed by the positive co-operation of the diverse Council teams I had the honour of serving with and leading. Councillors should respect each other, staff, and, most importantly, the citizens they are supposed to represent. 

Decision-making should be on the merits for the greater community good. Council needs to ensure staff are professional and work to solve peoples' problems without harming others. The blatant abuse of the secrecy rules and favouritism to special interests must be stopped immediately. 

Citizen tax payers expect and demand fiscal responsibility. I especially hate wasteful spending.
The partial core review needs to extend to all City operations to ensure your hard earned tax money is well spent. All organizations receiving tax subsidies should undergo a detailed audit to ensure they truly deserve your money. 

I will recommend the new Mayor use the authority to have all questionable funding decisions and budget line items reconsidered by a recorded vote in open session. We should know exactly who wastes your tax money and who acts to ensure you get good value.

Control of spending the current $180-million budget revenue must be Council's immediate priority. Then, it must encourage investment and spur business expansion within a sustainable community that ensures good job creation and a greater quality of life for all its residents.

I have substantial experience advocating for Nanaimo with the senior levels of government. I will work diligently to reinstate our positive partnership with the Port of Nanaimo, Snuneymuxw First Nation, School District 68, the Regional District, Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo Airport, and others. 

Together, Nanaimo has a great future.
Gary Korpan, candidate for Nanaimo City Council

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