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Explaining the options under proportional representation

These pages focus on the proportional systems on the ballot in BC’s referendum.

QUICK LINK: Dual Member Proportional
 Mixed Member Proportional
QUICK LINK: Rural-Urban Proportional (also called Flexible District PR)

QUICK LINK: Single Transferable Vote (STV) 
Note: Single Transferable Vote is not on the ballot in BC’s referendum but is a key component of Rural-Urban Proportional. With Rural-Urban Proportional, STV would be used in the urban and semi-urban areas.

All of the proportional systems on BC’s ballot are a huge improvement over our current system, first-past-the-post. 


All three systems share these attributes:

  • Proportional results
  • Retain MLA accountability to a specific geographic area (local or regional)
  • Real names on the ballot – not just parties
  • No region to have fewer MLAs than now
  • No significant increase in number of MLAs
  • 5% provincial threshold to get proportional seats
  • Simplicity for voters

Three reasons to vote yes on Pro Rep

Virtually nobody wants to read a list of 50 reasons why British Columbians should vote for proportional representation (Pro Rep) this fall.

But we assume everyone wants to read a list of three reasons.