Jun. 6, 2020

Anti-racism campaign has been hijacked by criminal groups

What a revival meeting that was in downtown Nanaimo Friday. When have there been as many people on their knees, a virtual baptism of washing away self-guilt, sending them forth with self-righteousness? 

Politicians, provincial and federal, have given the blessing to protest demonstrations despite the COVID-19 regulation of public gatherings and social distancing, with a strict no more than 50 people at public events. If I were a church leader right now, which I am not, I would organize a protest (. . . against . . .  sin?) and open for Sunday church services. 

Levity aside, very few protestors see hate as a two-way street – they have a view and that's the only one that should apply, not recognizing their stance may also be hate in the opposite direction. Despite their best intentions, the message has been hijacked and replaced with looting and burning fuelled by a really sinister, virulent hatred of police and law and order. The peaceful protestors have become pawns, the message is not anti-racism but anti-police, anti-law-and-order. 

Racism is offensive, but virtue signaling won’t solve it. In our province, Asian-Canadians have been the target of physical, verbal and social attacks, we’ve seen lots of evidence of that recently. It strikes close to home. The U.S. has been unable to solve its cultural divide for centuries since Africans were brought in as slaves.

Protests can serve a useful purpose, but when their message is taken over they lose all value. We see today how special interest groups – anarchists like the fascist Antifa and the Black Lives Matter – seize the message for their own agenda. Anarchists oppose any governance, or authority, so police are their target.

It is astounding to see the number of political leaders buying into that message. Some U.S. cities are cutting policing budgets and some elected officials are calling for the total elimination of policing. In Minneapolis, city council has voted to disband the police department. It’s easy for them, they have their own private, taxpayer-funded armed security. Meanwhile the victims of racism are pushed into the shadows, wondering “what about us”?

Peaceful protest is a right in our society. Protests come and go, like a flavor-of-the-month. Ten days ago, nobody raised much more than an eyebrow at the racist attacks against Asians in Vancouver or even those in the U.S.

Most of today’s political agenda revolves around dog whistles terms like “injustice, diversity, collaboration, supremacy, climate, environment.” The all-encompassing term “racism” is just the label empowering the anarchist thugs.

When we talk about a “systemic” problem, John Feldsted presents an excellent analysis of our misguided justice system.