Jun. 29, 2020

Societal problems need today's solutions, not the past

I have hesitated to get into the current North American social revolution, I have been sitting back. A lot of the hesitance is spurred by the almost-fanatical zealotry of people I know who are blindly heading into unknown territory. Even normally-balanced fellow citizens spout hate. Their false narrative must be challenged.

It’s impossible to keep still when the world goes absolutely berzerk with social issues that have been hijacked by left wing extremist anarchists who no longer hide that fact. They are coming on regular cable news shows in the U.S. making it clear what their agenda is.

By their own admission and statement of purpose it's all about power and control. They want to destroy, intimidate and scare everyone to remake The U.S. into a Marxist country. That's what this is all about. BLM is based on the same things that the Black Panthers were base on; Chinese Communism and Mao violence and control. The founders are three Black women, all avowed Marxists and they aim to take control of the Democrat party and therefore the country.

They are quick to distance themselves from the peaceful protesters. They are open about the fact that there is a peaceful social segment of the Black Lives Movement and then the anarchist communist political arm of the organization.

Those in the peaceful sector are nothing more than convenient shills in the much bigger agenda. They incite the protestors, they are the front movement to convince the masses with the goal of upsetting the status quo.

Racism is not really the prime objective. Instead they tear down statues, trying to obliterate history, convincing their willing sheep that this will change the system, that revenge for sins of the past will fix the problems of today, not realizing that the content of one’s character is not the colour of his/her skin.

It’s a culture that has evolved from the ghettos where poverty and social status have left a void in opportunity to overcome. Does poverty come from the culture of unemployment, lack of education and lack of family structure where two parents in one family are a rarity? Removing the history of their forefathers is not going to retroactively change the present. That’s who creates the inequality that many people want to overcome. Those conditions create that culture regardless of skin colour.

It’s the culture, not the skin colour, which brings them into conflict with police. Colour is simply a convenient label, that culture has and continues to evolve. It’s the indoctrinated concept of challenging authority of any type, police being on the front lines.

Defunding police will not solve the problems either way, it will only make things worse, and that’s what the anarchists are counting on. The police are their strawmen. Tearing down statues is the symbol for overcoming oppression.

In Seattle last night there was another fatal shooting, bringing to two the number of deaths in the lawless encampment in the city's downtown. Four other people have been injured. It's got completely out of hand, nothing like the city's mayor spouted in platitudes a couple of weeks ago about a summer of love.

In Minneapolis, the city council approved ending police services – no more cops. The first thing the city councillors did was hire armed, private security for themselves at taxpayer expense. They are dreaming of a social services type of security system for the city, you know, love and understanding, everyone living in harmony. How long did that hold water in Seattle?  Other cities are also toying with getting rid of police.

In the meantime, tearing down statues of Gen. Robert E. Lees, and getting Aunt Jemima off a pancake syrup bottle are the road travelled toward a new society. Renaming John Wayne Airport in California because he played some offensive roles in Hollywood, destroying Mount Rushmore and renaming the Dixie Chicks have not added one iota to solving the problem that exists.

Oh, it exists all right and it’s not going away.