May. 9, 2018

There are none so blind as those who will not see

The following quote attributed to Coun. Jerry Hong very succinctly describes the misconnect of the majority members of city council. They just don’t get it. Hong perfectly describes the problem, but doesn’t recognized that is the problem in itself.

“This report slams council, the chair of this committee for no apparent reason and upper management and staff which is not fair. Publicly. It’s out in the press. This is not fair to this council or this committee and to senior management because page 75, the whistleblower policy, if I’m not mistaken that’s an in camera item. Do we have a rise and report on this?”

Exactly, the authors of the report accurately identified the problems at city hall, but sadly it passed over Coun. Hong’s head. He was only concerned about it being out in the open rather than behind closed doors, claiming that isn’t fair to council or the finance and audit committee as well as senior staff.

Can we all burst forth in a rousing rendition of “Five Blind Mice?”