Jun. 2, 2018

Try sticking out your chest once in a while

At lunch the other day a group of self-important purveyors of wisdom kicked around our city’s recent happenings as balanced with our past. Sitting around the table were Member of the Legislature, a former mayor, a Nobel Prize winner and a couple of ordinary folks. (Bet you didn’t know we have a Nobel Prize winner in our midst. Neither did I).

The general discussion seemed to conclude that in spite of the warts that may show up in public, Nanaimo has some outstanding achievements in the past 25 years, something of which we should be grateful and proud. There's a real beauty waiting behind those warts.

The discussion got around to what the greatest achievements or events of the past quarter century had the greatest impact on our community. Projects like the Vancouver Island Conference Centre and the Port Theatre came to mind. The growth of Vancouver Island University is another foundation our future is building on. The expansion and upgrades at Nanaimo Airport and the expanding role of the Port of Nanaimo rate up there as well. And who can overlook that waterfront walkway?

“We should ask the people,” opined one of the wise sages, admitting they don’t know everything. So that’s where you come in – what do you feel merits as a major achievement or accomplishment for Nanaimo in the past 25 years – a bricks-and-mortar facility, an event or an achievement of which we are all proud?

There’s no need to sweat the little stuff, it doesn’t really matter, focus on the big picture, be Nanaimo Proud. Think about it, kick it around in your own mind and submit your wise analysis to us at News@nanaimonet.com. You will likely be surprised by what comes up.

All negative images will be filed in the dust bin of history, so don’t even think about it. Get your thinking caps on and give us your moment of pride in our fabulous community.