Jun. 9, 2018

Ontario voters opted for kick-ass politics with Ford

There was shock and awe when Donald Trump became president of the United States. How could that have happened? In many quarters in the U.S. the reality still has not gained acceptance, they're still looking for Russians in the wood pile.

Remember, Trump was chosen by a plurality in the voting process in the U.S. It was either him or the status quo with Hilary Clinton. They made that choice and the result has been positive for their country.

Theres a lot of similarity with the election of Doug Ford, Ontario’s Trump clone. Ford swept to a resounding electoral victory. Many Ontarians are baffled how voters could have turned to the Ford Conservatives – throughout the campaign there were dire warnings of the sky falling, comparing Ford to the U.S. president. 

The anti-Trump and anti-Ford noise is coming from the well-known swamp, which both have vowed to drain. The anguish is emanating from the swamp creatures trying to retain relevance. 

Instead of wringing hands and gnashing teeth, the swamp creatures should look at the real reason voters in both countries rejected the old politics – they wanted ass kickers. They had enough of the old style of politics. Ontario voters knew what they were getting when Ford was compared to Trump, that was the right prescription after 15 years of disaster at the hands of the Liberals.

Ontario voters also had the proof of the pudding in Saskatchewan where Brad Wall took no prisoners while bringing that province to huge success.

Albertans are assessing their options now for next year's election. Cowboy country has long been known for it's ass kickers.

In British Columbia, voters did not have the same option to kick out the status quo. In default they almost rejected the stale B.C. Liberals for something new but have had to settle for more same-old, same-old with the same Liberals and NDP/Greens. We didn’t have a Ford or Trump and as a result got the convoluted mess we have to put up with for another three years plus. 

Voters know what the old political establishment is offering, and they are not buying it any longer. But they have to have options.