Jun. 27, 2018

Finally, here's the cost of the Trudeau carbon tax

Finally the cost of Prime Minister's carbon tax scam are available. It took some poking and prodding and committee testimony, but now we know what the bill will be for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax.

The Financial Ports reports that University of Calgary economics professor Jennifer Winter revealed the bottom line of the Trudeau Carbon Price in a report to the Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources.

Using energy-consumption data from Statistics Canada, and imputing prices from average household expenditure on transportation fuels and provincial gasoline prices, Winter calculated the impact of the carbon tax on a typical Canadian household across different provinces. 

British Columbia will get the lowest carbon tax bill at $603 per year. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia will be hit with more than $1,000 of carbon tax per year to comply with the $50-per-tonne carbon tax Ottawa has mandated for 2022.

Nova Scotia $1,120
Alberta $1,111
Saskatchewan $1,032
New Brunswick $963
Newfoundland $859
Prince Edward Island $788
Ontario $707
Quebec $662