Aug. 16, 2018

Two months before we decide on a council and school board

0816 - There is still more than two months until the big day for city council candidates, and the race is starting to get crowded with 20 declared to date. We're told there are others in the starting gate, so it remains to be seen what the ballot will look like – it could be a long one.

The race for mayor is pretty well a two-way race but we keep hearing of others trying to head the next city council. The incumbent, Bill McKay, has been toying with a number of scenarios, but has not said yay or nay. Former Mayor John Ruttan has still notruled out giving it another try.

The platforms of many of the candidates are loaded with commitments which they have no chance of fulfilling – they are promising things that are out of the jurisdiction of city council, but they appear dedicated to making Nanaimo a better city. Good for them, and if they get elected they will have a sharp learning curve to deal with. Luckily, there are introductory sessions for newly-elected officials to help them get started.

Only two incumbent councillors have committed to date, and one would hope that they both get elected. I remember from the past when we were told that three new councillors would prove to be a challenge. From this list it looks like there may be at least seven new faces sitting at the table.

We're making your election central, so please stay tuned as the candidates reveal their plans. Keep checking on them, they have the opportunity to change and/or add to what they have posted so far.

It will be an interesting 64 days, and counting down. Please post your comments at the bottom of this section.