Sep. 3, 2018

We can't let electoral reform referendum sneak up on us

0903 - A little whimsy for a long-weekend Monday morning in a brand new month.

Imagine this scenario, if the Electoral Reform referendum passes this fall.

By extension, could that lead in the future to similar rules applying to municipal government where only six or so councillors would be democratically elected and another two would be appointed through backroom deal-making and skullduggery?

Who would make those appointments? The Mayor? Council as a whole? Andrew Weaver?

It is not far-fetched. That’s what Weaverites are planning to do at the provincial level, democratically elect only some MLAs and let party bosses appoint the rest of the people who will govern us.

Surprisingly, we haven’t heard much about the referendum which is quietly sneaking up on us. Perhaps that’s how the proponents would like it to go down – quietly in the dark of the night while we’re all asleep.

As I said, somewhat whimsical, but also scary. No thanks.

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