Jun. 9, 2020

The world is losing its senses and we our liberty

I took BC Ferries this last few days. 

Along the highway I saw a BC Ferries sign that said "avoid travel."

Ever see that before? A travel operation saying "avoid travel"? I knew you hadn’t. 

When I drove aboard the ferry we were quickly told that we had to stay in our vehicles. Could not go and sit in the passenger deck, deck 5. If you had to go to the bathroom, well that was alright, but hurry back. 

Memories of elementary school kept flashing in my head. Was I losing it? You know, I am in my late seventies! No, my wife said. She had heard the same message over the loud speaker 

Of course, not being on time was not a problem, just stay in your place and obey.

A repeat performance on my return, except that the ferry was even later. And this time, not even an acknowledgment of being late, as a matter of fact, no indication at all let alone an apology. Being on the darkened fourth deck a little notice that we had left and approximate time of arrival would be helpful. 

My trip took me to Vancouver, a city much diminished. Granville Island felt tired, the energy gone, a few silent souls seemed lost as they plied the lonely streets. 

On 4th street I entered a supermarket – a cashier with a cloth mask on her face, then another plexiglass mask a few inches away on her face, and then a plexiglass barrier.

Oh, there were no virus cases in BC that day. 

In Horseshoe Bay, there is a little park. Whoops, there’s a sign on the pathway next to the beech – walk single file. Only a few people around , hardly a congested place in busy normal times – and outdoors in the breeze from the water – hardly a hot bed for virus transmission methinks. 

Then after returning home one of the first pieces of news I read. “Beginning June 15, BC Ferries will require all passengers to have a mask with them.”

If this continues it won’t be infection that will take us it will be the drive to madness that this overreach will have caused.


Once again Brian nails the absurdity in all this -all the while when massive protests are occurring!

– Joan Robinson