Jun. 8, 2020

CBC gets it wrong – batteries are anything but green

In one of its latest attempts to try to show it knows something, CBC produces an article about what to do to restart the economy after the pandemic. That is, what green actions can be taken to restart the economy. 

Their first priority, it says, is an electric car charging grid of stations. 

People still believe this is green. And CBC is pushing it.  But this is not green. 

Lithium and cobalt are needed for electric car batteries.  75 per cent of cobalt comes from mines in the Democratic Republic Of The Congo. 

These mines use child labour and their environmental standards are very, very low. 

So what’s green about mining, what’s green about low environmental standards, what’s politically correct about child labour? 

Most Lithium comes from mines in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. Not known as the homes of high environmental standards. And once more we are talking about mining – hardly a green activity. 

So what gives with CBC and its fake green Friends?

 Answer: Following a federal government that, like many other governments around the world, who push wind turbines made of steel, concrete and plastic that kill birds and destroy millions of acres of natural habitat, and solar panels that are made from silicone, metal and glass, and destroy millions of acre of natural habitat. 

Batteries, turbines, and solar panels have become the new trinity in the region of the Greens  where pretend and fantasy rule the day.