Jun. 11, 2020

Overdose deaths in May more than total Covid deaths this year

British Columbia had 170 drug overdose deaths in May, more than the total Covid deaths so far this year.

I came to British Columbia in 1993. 

They were talking about the drug issue then. 

I heard the mayor of Vancouver say today: “we have got to do better,” 

Heard that before, like hundreds of times. 

Meanwhile, millions of dollars have been spent on the problem and it keeps getting worse.  

Our pre-occupation with coronavirus has deflected our attention from a greater societal problem. The 170 deaths last month are a record surpassing the previous month record of 161 in 2016. And 93 per cent more than May of last year. And this after four years since the issue was declared a public disaster. 

Starkly put: Covid has taken 167 people this year, Overdose deaths 554. 

We must be doing something wrong if a four-year public emergency can’t arrest it.

All the talk and energy concerning covid and actual violence and law breaking concerning discrimination; yet hundreds more are dying from drug overdose. 

 Strange world it is.