Jun. 14, 2020

BC LNG, China and progress of projects

Once all the rage during Christy Clark’s reign, BC LNG does not dominate the headlines anymore. 

But perhaps we should take a look. There are two projects "under way."

The largest is in Kitimat . It is 60 per cent owned by Asian Companies , 40 per cent by Shell Canada. And a Chinese company , which is really the Government of China , owns 15 per cent. 

The second project is near Squamish and has no Chinese ownership. However, in its construction it does have Chinese involvement. Here is a quote from the local newspaper The Squamish Chief:

“According to the company, the reasons for the delay in Woodfibre’s process include uncertainty and work stoppages caused by COVID-19, such as the shutdown of a fabrication yard in China that was making product for the Squamish liquefied natural gas plant.”

 What about the progress of these projects?

Kitimat? The last update on the website was in March when just essential work was being done. No later update. How much is this to cost the project? No information.

Squamish? Project has not really started. The environmental certificate was issued for five years in 2015 with the provision that the project had to be substantially under construction in those five years, otherwise a new certificate would have to be issued. The company is applying for a five-year extension. How much is this to cost the project? No information. 

 One would think it is time for the Government of BC to request that the companies involved give a substantial update.