Jun. 17, 2020

Trudeau loses his vanity project — no temporary UN seat

Ho! Ho! Ho!

"Canada is back."

So said our dear Princeling for the last few years. As if we had disappeared from the international scene. 

Oh, he was going to bring us back and hence invested heavily in time and money to garner a temporary United Nations seat. 

But his charm offensive, which has taken in too many Canadians, failed on the international scene; no one was fooled by this shallow man or his cohorts. 

To whom did we lose – two power houses, no doubt? Norway and Ireland!

Norway a population similar to British Columbia. Ditto, Ireland. Five million.

Canada 37 million. 

Even poor Jean Charest was a part of the charade. 

And what is the UN today? 

Why are we attempting to be part of an organization that has proven over and over again to be corrupt? 

Take the UN Human Rights Council, run by the biggest human rights violators on the planet. And anti- semitic to the core, eager to condemn the only democracy in the Middle East. 

Or The World Heath Organization whose claim to fame is to be in the camp of a Communist State that lies to the world, spies on its own people, arrests its own citizens, and even makes some of them disappear, and violates international law. 

Or that fake Paris Environment Accord where China and India are free to do as they want and the whole thing is voluntary but meanwhile we committed tens of millions of dollars. 

Yes, Canada is back alright – in the back seat of a very long bus!