Jun. 19, 2020

Our Princeling ‘s strike two, appeasement folly

Justin Trudeau knows little history, apparently some drama, at least dressing up, and little else. 

First, it was losing (to two smaller nations) the competition to gain a temporary seat on the corrupt United Nations Security Council and now a couple of days later we see the two Canadians being held by China, being formally charged. 

Any day strike three. And in baseball terms he should be – out. Oh, if we were only so lucky.

Everyone knows it’s all about China exerting pressure on Canada for having the gall to follow the law and allow extradition changes to proceed against the Chinese Company official. 

For Trudeau and his advisers to think that by appeasing China over the last few years that this would make a difference in how China would view us, is the idea of a child playing a man’s game. 

Former Canadian Ambassador to China Guy St. Jacques has said: "What have we achieved so far with this appeasement strategy? I'd argue nothing." Canada must now take an aggressive approach to its dealing with China, he said.

Wow, finally some sanity. Too bad it’s a former ambassador. 

As I have been saying since Trudeau was elected, this man is pro-China, his Daddy was pro-China. 

Everyone wants to forget that this man praised China’s system. 

What do we have when this man tried to evade even saying the word Taiwan? When we have a public health officer who is pro World Health Organization  on a panel of the WHO). And hence pro-China. Who mocks the President of our largest trading partner and historic ally? 

Whom did we have to count on to get our crashed helicopter off the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea a few weeks ago ? Was it China? It was the Americans! Did I heard any thanks from Canadians? 

Canadians have a few blind spots, one is that we have this fantastic health care system while five million Canadians (Statistics Canada, 4.2 million in 2014) have no family physician and we are near the bottom of the list (Commonwealth Fund Study) of advanced countries in number of physicians, wait times, seeing a doctor, and seeing a specialist. and second somehow the name Trudeau excuses all kinds of mistakes both domestically and internationally. 

Now, will we get realistic about China? And support our neighbour?