Jun. 23, 2020

Our real friends when the chips are down

There’s a difference between the Americans and the Europeans – words matter when it comes  to the two Canadians illegally held by the Chinese government. 

The Americans were forthright and clear. The Europeans more suspect and unclear. 

 Why do I say that? Here is what is quoted that both said in support of Canada:

 U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on China to release the Canadians, saying they face groundless charges of spying. He went on:

"These charges are politically motivated and completely groundless. The United States stands with Canada in calling on Beijing for the immediate release of the two men and rejects the use of these unjustified detentions to coerce Canada.”

The European Union said its leadership also raised its concerns over "the continued arbitrary detention" of Kovrig and Spavor during a virtual bilateral summit with China Monday.

The Americans, through Pompeo, demanded the release of the Canadians who he said faced groundless charges of spying. 

The Europeans had nameless leaders raise concerns over the arbitrary detention of the Canadians during a virtual bilateral summit.  

Obviously, other matters were being discussed. One wonders what were the other subjects discussed since the meeting was not called to deal with the Canadian issue. 

 Diplomatic Code: Americans were serious, no other issues. Europeans were going through the motions as part of a larger agenda with the Chinese. 

Who are our real friends when the chips are down? The ones whose leader was mocked by our adolescent prime minister.