Jul. 3, 2020

Trudeau In trouble Over $900-million program

The Prime Minister is in trouble because of a $900-million award to a charity with which he and his wife are associated. That alone seems like a problem to most fair-minded people. 

But another that intrigues me is that the PM is saying that there is no other organization in the country to handle the program this $900-million is to pay for. 

Oh, is that right? Well, then Mr. PM, prove that.

News reports say that the PM indicate that the Federal Public Service did a review and that was their conclusion.

OK. Who in the public service? Was it a Committee? Who was on the Committee? Where is their report? 

How can a PM make such statements without providing the evidence?  Of what validity is such a statement without the proof? Whose money is it anyway? 

Another point of note — how about considering a number of organizations to carry out the program? Say Atlantic, Central and Western?

Or, being skeptical, was just one organization considered so that the PM’s friends would be the only one who could qualify? 

Lots of questions. 

There was no tendering for this work and Canadian Press is saying in an article today: ‘The government has refused to provide details about the contract with WE. We, of course. is the name of the charity in question. 

Seems like it is time for some answers. 

Of course, his new positive poll numbers may mean the PM thinks that, like other questionable issues of the past like obstructing justice, breaking the law, he can tough this one out as well. 

Of course, when I mention politics these days, the first words are Trump. Seems like for defensive reasons he becomes our PM. 

(Editor's note – this this was written before the federal government cancelled the program).