Jul. 3, 2020

Trudeau and charity — CBC says the two just parted ways – gulp

Can you believe this? Our Princeling caught with his hands all over the cookie jar. 

And the CBC, our billion-dollar government mouthpiece, calls it "a parting of the ways.”

If ever one wanted exhibit A of CBC siding with the federal government this is it. How convenient the wording. 

Imagine if this was our favourite whipping boy to the south —- he would be a crook, lawbreaker etc. 

Trudeau had been criticized by the opposition and some media and this writer for his government’s award of almost a billion dollars to one of his and his wife’s favourite charities. No tender, no evidence of how and why etc.

Of course, straight out political favouritism – damn the ethics etc. And the PM was defending it. 

Then something happened. What I wonder? 

I mean the guy is used to breaking the laws of the country. He has already done it five times. So really nothing new.

 But I suspect a billion dollars was just too much to excuse away and perhaps even some insiders were getting cold feet. And the investigations called for were most likely to show hanky panky on a large scale. 

Perhaps this will help focus our minds for a second on our own Country and refrain from the “all is bad” attitude many Canadians hold toward the Americans.