Jul. 6, 2020

Bob Rae — new Canadian ambassador to the UN!

This fellow has the federal Liberals number – Just loose and you win.

He devastated his province financially and economically when he was NDP Premier from 1990 to 1995. Then becomes a Liberal, loses a run at the federal Liberal leadership and has been living off the Liberals in one form or another for most of the time since. 

That’s the kind of record that puts most of us out of a job. 

Not Bob Rae. 

How about bringing your province from a $35 billion debt to a $90 billion debt in five years? Not bad, eh? 

As Neil Reynolds of the Globe and mail said back in 2006:

“Mr. Rae took a shallow, two-quarter recession and turned it into an ugly, four-year Ontario recession that devastated thousands of lives. Lost jobs. Lost homes. Lost savings. Lost businesses. In the end, Mr. Rae's recession invited comparisons to the Great Depression. The number of people still working in the province at the end of 1994, for example, was less than the number working at the beginning of 1990 -- the only five-year period that this had happened since the 1930s. (Mr. Rae assumed office in October, 1990; he left in June, 1995.)”

Reynolds goes on to show that 100,000 people in small business lost their jobs during Rae’s tenure. 

“As bizarre as it now appears, Mr. Rae raised taxes in the midst of his own recession -- making it all much worse. With some help from his predecessor, Liberal premier David Peterson, Ontario raised personal income tax rates seven percentage points in six years. When Mr. Rae finished, Ontario had the highest marginal personal income tax rate (for incomes of $67,000 and higher) in North America.”

Oh, and he loves being an envoy for the country – he was Canada’s special envoy for humanitarian and immigration issues and, before that, special envoy to Myanmar, during which time he advised the prime minister on the Rohingya crisis.

All of this sets him up to live lavishly in Washington, D.C. and cozy up to the leftists two dominate the UN and its agencies. He has come home, so to speak.

Of course, given the total failure of Canada’s UN mission lately the smallest step will be hailed as a great achievement while we will realistically wallow in international ineffectiveness and mediocrity, nowa permanent feature of Canada’s foreign policy.