Jul. 10, 2020

Trudeau family anthem – ‘We’ are all in this together?

We are all in this together has been the rallying cry for helping each other during the pandemic. The Prime Minister has used the phrase. 

Little did we know that there lurked nearby, really in our midst, another ‘WE”, this one more ominous. 

It seems clear now that the Trudeau family and the WE charity were very, very close. 

And in and of itself, no problem.  Until there is money changing hands, and involving our money, taxpayers money, money from our federal government. 

It has been revealed that the Trudeau family, mother, brother, wife have all been involved with the charity. Mother and brother received more than $300,000 in speaking fees from the charity over the last four years. Meanwhile the charity was getting contracts from the government. 

Global News reports the WE Charity confirmed that the prime minister’s mother, Margaret Trudeau, had been paid a total of $312,000 for speaking at 28 WE events between 2016 and 2020. His brother, Alexandre Trudeau, was paid $40,000 for eight events in the 2017-18 academic year, according to the charity.

The PM’s wife received fees from the Charity before Justin even became Prime Minister. And she currently hosts a podcast for the charity, it is reported by various media. 

And as we all know the PM’s government had awarded $900 million to the WE Charity, no tenders just here you are, all yours!

 A Conflict of Interest investigation is under way.

The Opposition Conservatives are calling for a criminal investigation concerning the affair as the information of the extended family involvement become known.  

The Opposition is referring to Criminal Code Section 121: That section, titled "frauds on the government," says it's an offence for someone to give an elected official or any member of their family "a loan, reward, advantage or benefit of any kind as consideration for co-operation, assistance, exercise of influence or an act or omission in connection with the transaction of business with or any matter of business relating to the government."

It has been revealed that Trudeau did not recuse himself when the vote concerning the $900 million came before Cabinet.

This as all just too much. Especially when one considers that Justin Trudeau has already been found guilty four times by the Conflict of Interest/Ethics Commissioner in breaking our Conflict of Interest laws.