Jul. 19, 2020

Trudeau and Morneau should be forced to from office

Canada is an embarrassment. Who else has a first minister in a democracy that has violated the law five times. Where are the defenders of integrity? 

Not alleged so by some opposition cooked up accusation or partisan media, but by two Independent Conflict of Interest/Ethics Commissioners in two separate reports. And one report told how certain people were off-limits from providing valuable information to the Commissioner. 

And one of the violations of the law was being guilty of obstruction of justice ­– perhaps no matter so important short of treason. In other words, our very justice system is manipulated when necessary by politicians and bureaucrats. 

And now this latest dishonest disaster! One that is so blatant that study is really unnecessary. 

Awarding a $900-million contract to a charity with whom the Trudeau family was intimately involved – mother and brother having received money from the charity involved.  And for good measure the Minister of Finance’s family was involved and. mind you. no tenders. Almost a billion dollars and the Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bill Morneau did not absent themselves when the matter came to Cabinet and these are all facts – known today. 

If this is not the apex of entitlement and thinking one is above the law, I don’t know what is. 

Having already violated the law five times one would think that the PM would have been on his best behaviour on future dealings where conflict of interest was involved. And the Minister as well who was caught once before in failing to disclose his holdings as required by law. 

Not This PM! Not this Minister of Finance 

So where are our leadership – in business, Parliament, and the media?

Who has called for them to resign? Has any MP or Senator proposed a resolution demanding their removal? Has a national organization done this? Any in the media, business community? Labor? 

Now, where are the holier-than-thou NDP and Greens? 

 The Committee system in Parliament is a joke as we all found out with the SNC Lavalin affair. And again now as the Liberal majority seeks to thwart the committee from moving ahead. Its excuse? The matter is already being dealt with. In other words, Parliament is no longer important – they are saying they are no longer important and public hearings are no longer important.  

Why are so many remaining quite as we watch our parliamentary system being torn to shreds by small, devious minds, power-hungry political pygmies failing the ultimate test of protecting the public interest.