Jul. 22, 2020

$41,000 of Bill Morneau's expenses paid for by WE

How much of this are Canadians going to take before they turf this so-called minister and his boss out of office, as I have already suggested? 

Here we have him breaking the law again. First time was hiding assets he had in France. Remember?  

He failed to disclose his directorship in a company that owned a villa in France and he failed to disclose the value of that property.  He was fined a grand total of $200.  

Now he is at it again.

$41,000 of his expenses were paid for by the now infamous We Charity. A little trip to Ecuador, family and all. Well, two trips. 

And since then he participated in the decision for this charity to get $900 million, no tendered contract? And there were other sole-source contracts as well. 

Oh, and guess what? He pays WE for this 2017 sally today. Just before he was to appear before the Parliamentary Committee. 

Oh, he’s sorry – tell that to those lined up to pay fines across the country. 


Are all Liberal MPs going to stand for this? Are all NDP MPs going to stand for this? Are all Conservative MPs going to stand for this ? 

All should be forced to say on record whether they want this minister and prime minister removed from office.

And the Press (one problem, most are subsidized by the government of this minister and PM) will they as one seek the removal of these law breakers? 

How bad have we become? This is one measure.

Our top two elected federal government leaders breaking the law – numerous times (PM now at least six times and minister at least 3 times) over years, 2017 and onward. 

And then just did it again 2020 by not absenting themselves from the WE $900 million decision just weeks ago. And the press and national leadership generally?

Trudeau and the minister should be forced to exit.