Jul. 28, 2020

Premier Horgan — Please Take A Course In Neighbour Relations

Premier Horgan's true feelings were revealed yesterday when he answered a question about Canadians harassing Americans who are here legitimately but are driving vehicles with American license plates.
Instead of having some words of chastisement to those Canadians for their lack of respect he launched into a speech on how these Americans should act — like taking public transit, riding a bike so that their vehicles would not be on display, even change the plates — even though many would be returning to the US when this pandemic is over. 
You begin to see that Canadians who often display this holier-than-thou attitude is really skin deep, and that we harbour prejudiced views that we often accuse the Americans of harbouring, as if they had a monopoly on such behaviour. 
Incidents throughout B.C. recently highlight the negative views and behaviour of many residents toward Americans, now boosted by their own Premier. 
Back to school, alright, to learn some common decency.