Aug. 13, 2020

It's a matter of doing what she preaches

It has little to do with nice Dr. Bonnie Henry or stern Minister Adrian Dix, but more to do with how their words are heeded.  

It is almost heresy to make the least negative remark about our Public Health Officer ­– our de facto Premier for the past few months . 

 And she is most often on target with her remarks if sometimes a little condescending. The slavish adherence to heath information that is changing almost daily is also a risky business. 

The latest Wuhan Virus numbers for theprovince, third largest daily increase since the virus arrived, shows only too clearly that it is the public that “must take hold” of the advice and practice common sense behaviour. 

Canada as a whole and B.C. need more testing as well as more contact tracing, evidenced by the fact that the province has just now increased the number of people who will be doing contact tracing.

It might be useful to remind ourselves that virus incidence in this province is not the lowest of any province, and that as a country our testing rate is lower that the U.S. testing rate. According to Worldometer, the U.S. is testing at a rate of 204,000 per million population and Canada at 121,000Of course, that is not to say that the Province has not done well up to now but it indicates we may have been a little complacent given our performance vis a vis the bigger provinces, ignoring perhaps the urban concentration of,, say Greater Toronto, which has 5.9 million people, larger than B.C.’s total of 4.6 million and more than double greater Vancouver.